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Pre-Academy Program Overview

The Pre-Academy Program is comprised of 6U and 7U players (boys and girls born on 2015 and 2014) for the Fall 2021 – Spring 2022 season. The Program is designed for players who desires more professional coaching than Recreational soccer, or who may plan to move into our Academy Program as they get older. Pre-Academy provides 2 training session per week. The group may have a tournament at the end of the season. A large benefit of the Pre-Academy Program is a player's opportunity to learn from our professionally licensed coaches each week. 


Important Dates
Summer 2021 Dates
• May 17-20    Pre-Academy Evaluations

• May 22-23    Pre-Academy Roster Placement Offers

• May 24-28    Pre-Academy Placement Commitments due from Parents

June 14-18   Pre-Academy Summer Camp in Murfreesboro

Fall 2021 Dates
• July 26-29     Pre-season Training
• August 2      First day of Fall Training Sessions
• Sept 11         Regular Fall Season Games Begin

• Oct 15-17     Possible Bash in the Boro Tournament
• Nov 20         Last game weekend for the Fall Season
• Nov 27-28    Possible Post-Season Tournaments

• Dec 4-5         Possible Post-Season Tournaments


Winter 2021 Dates

Dec/Jan/Feb 26-29  Indoor Sessions and Possible Tournaments

Spring 2022 Dates

• Feb 28                      First Day of Spring Training Sessions
• Mid-Mar                  Possible Pre-season Tournaments

• Mar 12                     Regular season games begin
• Mar 28-Apr 1           Spring Break

• Apr 15-17                 Possible Bash in the Boro Tournament
• May 14-15                Last game weekend for the Spring Season
• May 16-19                Pre-Academy Evaluations for Fall 2022-Spring 2023 Season (PENDING)

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