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Murfreesboro Soccer Club wants to make every effort to provide opportunities for all youth to participate in our local youth soccer league. Understanding that some youth may not participate due to financial limitations or economic hardship, Murfreesboro Soccer Club has established a scholarship fund.

This program establishes a designated fund within MSC whereby individuals, businesses and municipal government will be provided the opportunity to sponsor a player or donate funding to help cover the fees of qualifying applicants.  The guidelines necessary to determine financial need have been determined by the MSC Select Committee and each application for assistance must be reviewed and approved by the Select Committee.  With limited funding it is the responsibility and obligation of the managers, coaches, and parents to be forthright when applying for financial assistance.

In addition to the fees not covered by the scholarship, the scholarship family will also be required to perform the following obligations/ per season:


  1.  Provide 8 hours (minimum of 4 work slots) of help at the MSC Bash Tournaments.

  2. Provide 4 hours (minimum of two work slots) of help at any TSSA/USYS Tournament OR  Provide 4 hours (minimum of two work slots) of help at any TSSAA Tournament. 

  3. Various volunteer requirements as requested by your team manager, coach and/or MSC board.

  4. You will still be required to participate in your teams parental requirements.

  5. Every effort should be made to make use of Kroger Care cards and participate in other fund raising events. Education on how you can earn credit towards your fees will be provided.

      6.The player will be required to attend all team functions unless the coach approves them being absent. If multiple absences occur the scholarship will be in jeopardy. 


Please be sure that you are willing and available to meet all of the above obligations prior to applying for a scholarship. You will be signing a contract at the beginning of each season outlining your requirements.  Failure to fulfill these requirements per season will result in your club scholarship being rescinded. The player’s ability to continue playing will be based upon a parent or guardian accepting full financial obligation.


 The amount awarded will be based on:

  1. Overall need and family’s financial position.

  2. More than one child playing in MSC.

  3. Number of players needing assistance per given team/club.

      4. Amount of funds available.


  Funds will be provided from the following (but not limited to) these areas:

  1. Personal Donations

  2. Corporate Donations

      3. Proceeds from TSSA/USYS Tournament



  1. Completed Application
  2. Federal Tax return
  3. Paycheck stubs
  4. Player report card
  5. Agreeing to participate in obligations per signed contract.
  6. Ability to pay the remaining financial obligation required.

 Applicants will be notified in a timely manner of the decision. 

 To apply, fill out the scholarship application and submit to the MSC Office or Director of Business (  Only those forms that are completely filled out will be reviewed.  Included with the Scholarship Fund Application must be last years tax return for each parent/guardian of the child(ren).  Without the tax return we cannot process your application.

Types of financial assistance

1. Extended payment of fees:  this will need to be addressed at the individual team level.  This assistance is used for “cash-flow” difficulties.

 2.  Club Fees:  A player’s family may request partial assistance up to 100% of club fees by indicating on the scholarship fund application.

 3.  Individual event or item payment request:  such as uniform, cleats, hotel expense, etc.

Indicate on scholarship fund application. (i.e.. if monthly payment due and parent has lost their job)  If needed, committee may hear personal testimonies to elaborate financial situations.  The committee will vote to approve or disapprove the request in whole or part.  The decision of the committee is final.

Money awarded that is not used by the awarded player must be returned to the scholarship fund. No further money will be given to the team. Money awarded by the scholarship fund can not be given to the player or family directly. Money will be paid directly to the team or proof of payment will be required before reimbursement is made.

Please complete the scholarship application in its entirety!



MSC Scholarship Requirements

MSC Scholarship Application (physical form)

MSC Scholarship Application (electronic version)



The Tyler Morrissey Merit Scholarship

The Tyler Morrissey Merit Scholarship Fund was established to honor the memory of Tyler Morrissey. Beginning in 2014 a $500.00 scholarship will be awarded to a boy and girl who displays a love of the game of soccer, sportsmanship, and leadership on the field and in the community.

To apply for one of these scholarships, the applicant must complete the application and submit a short essay of 200 words or less explaining how important soccer is to them.


The applications are due August 15th with awards given by September 30.

Tyler Morrissey Merit Scholarship Application


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