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Whether or not this is your first time at TOPSoccer, hopefully you'll discover that our (MSC's) goal is to provide an experience that is rich and fulfilling for everyone involved. We want you and yours to understand that this is your program, and we will do our best to answer any and all questions you have.

If you have specific questions not answered below, feel free to grab us on the field, or email us at TOPSoccer@murfreesborosoccer.com.

What is TOPSoccer?

The Outreach Program for Soccer is a US Youth Soccer initiative that looks to make soccer available to EVERYBODY... especially, in this case, athletes with special needs. 

Tennessee has seven (7) clubs that offer TOPSoccer; we are privileged to be one of them.

How did MSC get involved with TOPSoccer?

TOPSoccer is administered by the state soccer governing bodies -- in our case, TN State Soccer Association. In 2016, with the approval of our board and support of TSSA, we were able to open up our chapter in Rutherford County.

TOPSoccer allows us to push to being beyond just a "regular" soccer club, and start being even more of a community resource.

Currently, we offer two seasons a year: Fall and Spring. As we grow, we are looking to expand upon these offerings.

What can we expect at a TOPSoccer session?

Well, fun, to begin with! We look to provide a safe, enjoyable atmosphere that lets the players learn and enjoy the game at their own pace.

You can expect well-trained lead staff -- we have three personnel that are certified as TOPSoccer coaches by US Youth Soccer.

A key part of TOPSoccer are the Buddies -- usually, volunteers that are matched up with players. Several of our Select players serve as buddies, and they'll tell you that it's the best part of their days. For constancy, we work very hard to ensure that Buddies are matched with the same player from week to week.

On a typical Friday practice day, we go through a session that is pre-planned, yes, but with plenty of allowances for whimsical occurrences.

Are leaders certified?

Yes. The club currently has four volunteers that are certified to coach by USYSA.

What clothing should my child wear?

We ask for our players to wear cleats (or sneakers) and shinguards. We'll provide the practice shirts and balls. If you have a shirt and/or ball from a previous season, please bring it/them.


If you don't have cleats, let us know; several folks donate used/outgrown soccer equipment.

What if my child acts unruly?

Hey, so what if your son or daughter takes off running towards the back fence? His/her buddy will run with them and bring them back when they are ready. Of course, you know your child, and know when they need help. We tell our Buddies to call over a tenured Buddy or a Senior Coach before calling over a parent.

What will this cost us?

MSC TOPSoccer is a free program, thanks to the MSC Board, and sponsors. We accept donations and sponsorship inquiries; we'd love to see this program become self-funded in the near future.

How can I help?

Join us! We are always looking for dedicated Buddies/Volunteers. We do ask our adult volunteers to undergo a volunteer disclosure.

You can donate old/unused soccer gear.

We definitely encourage you to patronize our program sponsors.

And please, by all means: spread the word!!!

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