Frequently Asked Questions

What are the age divisions?

Murfreesboro Soccer Club offers programs for children aged 3 (U4) through 18 (U19).  Divisions are based on birth year as of the fall season.  The “U” designation for each division stands for “Under”.  Example:  The U6 age group will be for children aged 5 turning 6 through the seasonal year.  

Age groups U4 through U6 and U14 through U19 are coed teams.  All other divisions will consist of separate boys and girls teams.

The MSC Adult League offers both an Open Draft League that plays 9 v 9 or an Over 35 league that also plays 9 v. 9. 


What is included in my registration fee?

Your child will be provided with a uniform shirt and socks. The player is responsible for providing their own black shorts, shin guards and soccer cleats.  Soccer cleats are optional, but strongly recommended.  U3-U5 will receive medals each season.  All other age groups will receive medals at the end of the spring season only.

Your registration fee will also include registration and insurance through Tennessee State Soccer Association (TSSA). 

Please note: The insurance through TSSA is a secondary medical that covers injuries incurred during an MSC sanctioned practice, game, camp or training session.  This insurance will pay out after your primary medical insurance has paid and after you have paid a deductible.  This is not intended to be a primary medical insurance policy.

Individual teams may also schedule team snacks, end of season parties or purchase additional trophies at their own expense. 

Individual and team photos will be taken each season.  Parents will have the option to purchase photos on their photo day.  Players should participate in their team photo, but there is no obligation to purchase photos.


Are there discounts available?

There will be an early bird discount of $10 offered each season if registration is completed by the stipulated date.  Children from the same family will receive an additional $5 discount after the 1st player. 

Children receiving free or reduced lunch from Rutherford County Schools will pay reduced registration fees with a copy of the notification letter from RCS.

Children attending Murfreesboro City Schools may obtain a fee waiver from Murfreesboro Parks & Rec. Dept.  Applications may be picked up at SportsCom or Patterson Park Community Center.  Additional information can be obtained from the P & R dept. by calling (615) 890-5333.


When are the games played?

Most games for U5 to U14 are played on Saturdays.  U19’s will play most games on Monday evenings, with 2 games played on Saturdays.  The U6 to U14 team schedule will have one double header (2 games on Saturday) and 1 weeknight game during the season.


When are practices held?

Ages U5 and U6 will have one practice per week on a day and time determined by the MSC staff.

U7 will have one practice on a day and time determined by the MSC staff.  There will be an optional U7 training session held each week in addition to practices.

Volunteer coaches for U5 through U7 teams will be able to select their practice day/times from the 2 options set by the MSC staff.

U8 teams will practice twice a week on days/times set by the MSC staff.

U9/U10 through U19 teams will practice once a week, for up to 1 ½ hours.  Practice day and time is selected by the volunteer coach for each team.

Adults will have one practice night per week and will play games on Thursday evenings.


Can I pick when my child practices?

No. Practice times are picked by the coaches after he/she receives their rosters. Coaches are volunteers therefore the practice times are at a time that is convenient for the coach.


Where are games and practices held? 

All games are held at Richard Siegel Soccer Park. Practices will be held at locations stipulated by Murfreesboro Parks and Rec. Dept.  Locations used (but not limited to) are Siegel Soccer Park and Jordan Farm Practice Fields.  Additional locations authorized by Murfreesboro P & R Dept. will be added as needed.


How are coaches recruited or assigned?

All coaches are parents who have volunteered their time.  Coaches are automatically assigned to their child’s team.  Head coaches may request a specific assistant coach for their team, assuming that coach has completed the registration requirements.  Every parent volunteer will be required to complete a volunteer disclosure and pass a TSSA background check.  A headshot photo of the coach will have to be submitted and an ID card will be printed and provided to each authorized coach.


Can I coach if I have no experience?

Yes, coaching a team is a great way to learn the game. Coaching clinics and practice curriculums and additional coaching resources are available. You can sign up to be a coach on the same website as online registration.

Volunteers who dedicate their time and have a willingness to encourage children to participate, learn and exhibit good sportsmanship are MSC’s most valuable asset.


Can my child play with their friend or so I can carpool with another parent?

Players can only be placed on the same team under the following circumstances:

Parents have volunteered to be the coach and assistant coach for the same team.

Parents who are the individual team sponsor, may request a specific team.

We will not honor car pool requests, specific coach requests or soccer buddy requests.


Can I move to a different team if my coach’s practice time is not convenient for me?

Unfortunately not. The coaches are volunteering their time; therefore, they are able to choose a day and time that is convenient for their schedules. The coaches do not pick their practice times until after they have received their rosters.  If your child has limited options for practice nights, their parent should volunteer to coach.  This would give the parent the option to select practice day and time.


What does it mean for a player to “play up”?

Players that wish to, may “play up” an age division.  Example: Bobby is on age to play U6 but has the ability to play with the age group above.  Bobby can “play up” to U7.  Parents should exercise caution in having their child play up.  Experience level, physicality and coachability of their child should be considered.  Parents will be required to submit an email request to play up to the age group commissioner.


Can both of my children play on the same team?

Siblings in the same age division will be placed on the same team.  In the event that a younger child is playing up to their siblings age group, both children will be placed on the same team in the older division.

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