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Age Group Information

Age Group Information

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1. What are the age divisions?
Murfreesboro Soccer Club offers programs for children aged 4 through U-19.  The Adult League offers both an Under 35 league that plays 8 v 8 or an Over 35 league that also plays 8 v. 8.  To determine which age division your child would play in, click on this guide.

2. When are the games played?
Under 5 coed- Games on Sat am only. Optional practice during the week. Under 6 coed- Games on Sat am,  One optional practice during the week. Under 7 coed- Games on Sat, One practice during week. Under 8 (not coed) Games on Sat, One practice during week. Under 10 (not coed) Games on Sat, One practice during week. Under 12 (not coed) Games on Sat, One practice during week. Under 14 (not coed) Games on Sat,  One practice during week. Under 19 (coed) Games on Monday evenings. Two Saturday games TBA. One practice during week. Adult- Thursday evenings.

3. Can I coach if I have no experience?
Yes, coaching a team is a great way to learn the game. Coaching clinics are available. You can sign up to be a coach on the same website as online registration.

4. Can I pick when my child practices?
No. Practice times are picked by the coaches after he/she receives their rosters. Coaches are volunteers therefore the practice times are at a time that is convenient for the coach.

5. Can my child play with their friend or so I can carpool with another parent?
Players can only be placed on the same team only if the parents are the coach, assistant coach and/or sponsor of the team. Players are not placed on the same team for carpool purposes. Ex. John is the coach, Jane is the asst coach. John’s son Tom and Jane’s son Bob will be on the same team.

6. Can both of my children play on the same team?
Siblings in the same age division will be placed on the same team.

7. What does it mean for a player to “play up”?
Players that wish to may “play up” an age division. This does not apply to U 5. Example- Bobby should play U 6 but wants to play with his brother in U 7. Bobby can “play up” to U 7. Another example is a player that has the ability to play with the age group above. Example- Amanda’s birthday dictates that she play U 10 girls, but she has the experience and skill to “play up” with the U 12 girls. Parent’s will be asked if they want their child to “play up” during the registration process.

8. Can I move to a different team if my coach’s practice time is not convenient for me?
Unfortunately not. The coaches are volunteering their time, therefore they are able to choose a time that is convenient for their schedules. The coaches do not pick their practice times until after they have received their rosters.

9. What is included in my registration fee?
You will be provided with a uniform shirt and socks. The player is responsible for providing their own black shorts, shin guards and soccer cleats.  Optional expenses not covered are trophies, team snacks, etc. 


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